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Why Are Camphor Laurel Chopping Boards Better Than The Rest ?

Camphor Laurel Chopping Boards

Why Are Camphor Laurel Chopping Boards Better Than The Rest ?

Kitchen accessories are one of the most needed accessories in a home. They are often bought in bulk to ensure owners don’t run out of them. One of these important accessories is cutting boards.

Think about your time in the kitchen chopping and cutting food items. As a parent or an individual who makes home-cooked meals, you have to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Think about your time cutting and chopping items for your dish. Having a proper cutting board becomes even more critical. As the house chef, you deserve only the best in your kitchen – which means having the best cutting board.

And no! We’re not talking about plastic cutting boards. Instead, we’re talking about Camphor Laurel cutting boards. Here’s why they’re better than the rest.

Is Wood Best For Making Chopping Boards?

The greatest material for cutting boards is wood. It’s tough but gentle on blades, smooth, and firm. A decent wooden cutting board can last for years as your primary cutting surface, even with heavy use. If you waste your money on a bad one, you will curse yourself every time you use it. A decent cutting board of wood has several advantages that you should be aware of.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wooden Cutting Board

Cutting Boards Made Of Wood Are Long-Lasting:

A decent wood cutting board can endure a very long period, if not a lifetime. Even if the surface is scratched badly, the board can usually be saved by sanding the scratches away, and reoiling.

Softer On The Blade:

Wooden cutting boards produced from Camphor Laurel are significantly softer on the blade of your knife than an extremely hardwood like bamboo and even plastics. Our cutting boards are tough but soft enough not to harm your blades.


According to studies, wood cutting boards are preferred to other materials due to their natural antibacterial qualities. As a result, using wooden cutting boards at home is not an issue; it is done frequently.

Let us look at Camphor Laurel Chopping Board, its properties, advantages and why it is better than the others.

All You Need To Know About Camphor Laurel Tree:

Essential oils distilled from the wood of the Camphor Laurel Tree can have a significantly diverse fragrance profile depending on the growing conditions and environment due to differences in the major ingredients or chemotypes.

Camphor laurels are huge evergreen shade trees commonly utilised in parks and gardens. Camphor trees and camphorwood are other names for ‘Camphor laurels.’ These trees can reach a height of 20 to 30 metres (65 to 100 feet) and live for hundreds of years. Camphor laurel leaves are typically green and glossy, with a camphor-like fragrance when crushed.

Camphor laurel trees generate chemical crystals with a waxy texture used as a moth repellent for medicinal and culinary reasons and are extracted from the wood.

Camphor laurels are biased for spreading and invasive root systems, which can wreak havoc on structures and underground water and waste systems.

In the mid-nineteenth century, camphor Laurel was first brought to Australia as a shade tree from Asia. It adapted fast to the rich volcanic soils in Mullumbimby on New South Wales North Coast, where the wood developed some of the most magnificent grains and colours ever seen.

It’s turned into a rogue pest, but it comes with the added benefit of generating highly sought-after cabinet wood. As a result, harvesting Camphor Laurel trees for use in lumber boards and other furniture is an important element of preserving these regions’ native forests.

Cutting Boards Made Of Camphor Laurel Wood:

Using Camphor Laurel boards while preparing and displaying food has a lot of other health and environmental benefits, in addition to its attractive appearance. Because of the naturally present oil in the wood, camphor Laurel has been shown to have innate antibacterial characteristics, making it perfect for breadboard and serving board use.

Camphor, safrole, cineole, cinnamaldehyde, fatty acids, mannitol, limonene, tannins, terpineol, eugenol, pinene, linalool, and geraniol are some of the naturally occurring compounds that offer these qualities. Because of the kiln drying method used in timber processing, these chemicals will not contaminate meals prepared on the boards.


Camphor Laurel cutting board is perfect for preparing food. Like all of the other boards, the cross-cut boards can be used to cut any type of food. Just make sure to clean the board after each meal. For example, camphor laurel chopping boards are usually large enough to cut and serve a large roast. There’s no need to transfer the roast to a serving tray because the large grazing board is enough to fit both the roast and the veggies.

Detection Of Bacteria And Microbes:

A study of the total number of bacteria detected on the surface of cutting boards produced from various materials indicated that glass cutting boards had over three times the number of microbes as Camphor boards. In comparison, plastic cutting boards had over four times the number of microbes on the cutting surface.

In reality, examinations show that the antibacterial capabilities of camphor laurel are superior to those of plastic, glass, and other woods.

Since the camphor laurel timber is famous for its germ-killing properties, making cutting boards out of it will be germ-free. Other than being antibacterial in nature, cutting boards made from camphor laurel timber are durable as well.


Camphor Laurel chopping boards exude a welcoming atmosphere. They provide a natural aspect to your home decor and look classy and attractive as kitchenware. The exotic wood grains give chopping boards a unique feel, in addition to the pleasant scent of Camphor Laurel. The magnificent grain of camphor laurel cutting boards will make a statement on any table. In addition, you can use the camphor laurel chopping board as a serving platter.

Using Food Safe Oil On Your Board:

Unlike many cheap cutting boards, our camphor laurel cutting boards are crafted from a single wood block and do not contain any harmful glues or joins. Every few months or when your camphor laurel chopping becomes dry, it can be re-oiled with grapeseed oil.

The Beautiful Smell Of The Camphor Laurel Chopping Board:

The smell of the camphor laurel cutting board is the camphor laurel wood’s natural oils. When a board is manufactured for the first time, it has a beautiful aromatic smell.

You may finish your board by rubbing it with grapeseed. Natural camphor oils will not taint your food if you use them as a platter for cold items.

Tips To Keep Camphor Laurel Chopping Board Clean:

It is the most often asked question concerning our chopping boards. Each of our chopping boards comes with a card that explains how to care for it. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Do not put your camphor laurel chopping board in the dishwasher.
  • Instead, wash the chopping board with warm soapy water and allow it to air dry.
  • Reoil when the board is dry every couple of months if used frequently.
  • Do not keep the chopping board in direct sunlight.

Cleaning your cutting board immediately after use is highly recommended and it should be oiled every couple of months, depending on the type of wood and the climate you reside in. It takes a few minutes.

Camphor Laurel Chopping Board At Stonewood Collection:

A board Made of Premium Camphor Laurel is available in small cutting board sizes and medium sizes at the Stonewood Collections. Our lovely wooden cutting boards are perfect for any occasion, including weddings, housewarmings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Stonewood’s premium Camphor Laurel cheese boards for sale in Australia have gorgeous exotic grains grains and a lovely scent. In addition, because of the natural anti-bacterial characteristics of the wood, they are regarded as one of the best for food preparation.

These multipurpose cutting boards are ideal for cutting meats, slicing vegetables and fruits, and serving cheese platters. Our exceptionally gifted woodworking craftsmen handcraft each chopping board in Brisbane, Queensland.

Concluding Note:

Camphor laurel chopping board is an obvious choice for a cutting board that ticks all the boxes. These Camphor laurel chopping boards are long-lasting, and beautiful. You are not just protecting your surfaces and knives, but you will also receive a serving platter.

Taking everything into account, the next time you are in the market for a chopping board, consider gorgeous and functional handmade cutting boards right here in Australia. It will help with the sustainability and ongoing management of native timber stands by reducing the quantity of potentially hazardous bacteria present during meal preparation.



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