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Natural Stone Coasters by Stonewood Collections

Natural Stone Coasters

Natural Stone Coasters by Stonewood Collections

Coasters make the perfect functional accessories that keep your table surfaces safe from spills, crusty water rings, and unwanted scratches that ruin the table decor. While you will find coasters made of different materials (like wood and plastic), the quality of the substance used in its manufacturing will decide the durability and functionality of the end product.

One of the best materials used to make coasters is natural stones. Natural stone coasters can be made with different stones, including marble, onyx, and travertine. Each stone has unique characteristics, making it suitable for specific uses.

For example, travertine absorbs liquid quickly and is heat-resistant. So, what’s so special about these Travertine absorbent stone coasters that we sell on Stonewood Collections? Let’s find out:

Benefits of Using Travertine Stone Coasters by Stonewood Collections

1.    Bring Raw Beauty to Your Home

If you want to bring class and sophistication to your house, using aesthetically-pleasing accessories is the way to go, and  travertine stone coasters bring that chic, classy look to your table tops.


One of the best aspects of using a stone coaster is the raw beauty of nature subtly into your home. Whether you want to decorate your Cafe, Airbnb, or home, our stylish coasters are the best option.

Since travertine is a natural earth product, each piece in our set of four six or eight stone coasters will differ in appearance. Each stone coaster has subtle variations in colour, tone, texture, and grooves, adding more natural beauty to your home.

2.    Have Scratch-Resistant Feet

Our stunning natural travertine stone coasters is equipped with scratch-resistant feet to keep your furniture protected. Whether you place the beer coaster on the lounge table, coffee table, or kitchen countertop under a steaming hot or cold mug of liquid, it will protect the surface from scratches. This means the coaster won’t stick to your mug, glass, or surface.

3.    Heat Resistant and Keeps the Surface Clean

Usually, putting a cold water glass or a steaming coffee mug on a countertop results in condensation and liquid rings. These nuisances can easily damage the surface. With our travertine stone coasters, you won’t have to worry about damage caused to the surface. Travertine is heat-resistant and porous, allowing it to quickly absorb spilled liquid.

4.    Sealed with Stone Sealant to Preserve the Natural Look

We don’t just send off rough products without guaranteeing a natural finish that lasts long. So, our stone coasters are carefully polished and sealed with a dedicated stone sealant in a matt finish to retain the travertine stone’s natural look. This ensures that our absorbent stone coasters preserve the natural look for many years.

5.    Perfect Gift for Everyone

It’s impossible not to have friends and family who love decorating their house and adding modern kitchen accessories. So, gift our stone coasters’ set to your loved ones on their birthday, housewarming party, wedding, or as an anniversary gift. This thoughtful gift will surely make them happy.

6.    Easy Maintenance

If a liquid falls on this stone coaster, you simply need to wipe it down with a damp cloth. Forget the hassle of sticking it into a dishwasher. Keep in mind natural stone coasters need care, too. So, never wash them in a dishwasher.


Travertine stone coasters are timeless pieces and highly resilient, allowing them the ability to last a lifetime (when cared for properly). Its resistance to UV radiation enables it to maintain its natural colour over time. Explore our natural travertine stone coasters and buy a set for your home. It’s what your home needs.

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