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Gift Packs for Special Ocassions

cheese boards Australia
cheese boards Australia

Gift Packs for Special Ocassions

Gift Packs for Special Occasions


Gift packs convey emotions, thoughts, and impressions that linger for a lifetime. You can say a thousand words and show a million emotions with a thoughtfully and expertly curated gift pack.

 Gift Packs with a Difference

Gift packs come in different varieties ranging from skincare sets to candle collections to gourmet food and drinks and other items of note. However, these all-too-familiar items are becoming a bit stale and clichè.

You probably want something that is an exception to the norm — a gift set that is truly special and thoughtful. Stonewood Collections is an online store that is attuned to your unique needs. The outlet offers a stunning selection of homeware and kitchen products that are practical, visually arresting, and handmade to perfection. Items include cheese boards, grazing platters, serving boards, cutting boards, and coasters.

What makes the collection stand out is the carefully-curated assortment of gift packs that combines the finest chopping boards, cheese boards, and coasters. All are manufactured from the highest quality Australian Camphor Laurel Timber and Travertine.

The Beauty of Camphor Laurel

A standout feature of the Stonewood Gift set is the inclusion of Camphor Laurel Timber. This breed of timber is widely acclaimed for its inherent anti-microbial properties which stave off toxic microorganisms that tend to penetrate wood-derived boards and the foods that are processed or served on them. The timber is processed using the kiln drying method, a stringent procedure that ensures the chemicals do not penetrate the board nor contaminate the foods therein. Thus, it is wholly safe for use and an exceptional gift idea for you or your loved ones.

The Camphor Laurel gift set with wooden coasters makes the perfect wedding anniversary, birthday, or housewarming gift. It is everlasting, beautiful, and functional to the hilt. A walk through the collection reveals an irresistible display of cheese board gift sets, cutting board gift packs, and chopping board set in various specifications to satisfy your wants and needs.

The Timeless Travertine Coasters

Travertine coasters are the ultimate housekeeper’s dream! They combine form and function to deliver an aesthetically-pleasing service. Not only do they enhance your decor, but they also protect your furniture from scratches and spills. The coasters at Stonewood Collections are sealed to amplify their protective function. Travertine is a naturally occurring stone that is widely recognized for its durability. It is highly resistant to wear and tear, which translates to evergreen durability. You can conveniently use the coasters to serve hot or cold drinks without worrying about spillage or scuffs.

You can trust the travertine stone to keep your furniture protected from the elements. The stone is also naturally absorbent and will absorb spills or condensation from drinks. As such, your furniture will remain squeaky clean, and dry. This quality also makes it easy to clean— a simple wipe will take care of any lingering spills. All features considered, travertine coasters are the ideal gift idea for people you hold dear to your heart. People appreciate meaningful, memorable, and valuable gifts and travertine coasters fit the bill.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

No gift pack compares to the combination of Camphor Laurel boards and Travertine Coasters! Whether you want something for yourself or a gift for others, look no further than these gift packs from Stonewood Collections. They are full of quality, value and will leave an unforgettable impression.

The store prioritizes customer satisfaction and goes above and beyond to deliver superior-quality products. The gift packs are handcrafted with love and tell a timeless tale of elegance, warmth, and humanity. With a few clicks, you can get a truly special and memorable gift that will make a heart sing with joy!



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