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Discover our stunning range of handmade kitchenware and home décor products made especially for you. Each product is uniquely handcrafted by our skilled workers in Brisbane Queensland Australia. From chopping boards, cheese boards, grazing boards, and serving boards to furniture, our homeware products are made under expert supervision and with quality assurance. Our cutting boards ought to be a special addition to your kitchen. Our other special product includes natural stone coasters that are specially made from Travertine. These drink coasters have beautiful patterns and color throughout the natural stone. Stonewood Collections offers unique contemporary designs and our handmade products are a beautiful addition to any kitchen or home. We are a proud Australian owned small business. Order now to get our amazing products at your doorstep!

  • Bulk Engraved Chopping Boards

  • Chopping Board 400

  • Chopping Board Set

  • Cheese Board 330

  • Camphor Laurel Gift Pack

  • Camphor Laurel Gift Set

  • Cheese Board Gift Pack

  • Grazing Board 700

  • Cheese Board Twin Gift Pack

  • Coffee Serving Board

  • Concrete Coasters

  • Cutting Board Gift Pack

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